horsin' around.

I had an amazing experience at Home Depot.

big dog 2.jpg

No, that is not a horse. But, that is what I thought when I saw it down the isle from me last night. We had just finished a round of golf (hence my trendy attire) and ran into Home Depot for some air filters. I'm not totally sure if it was just the dog that was so astonishing, or if it was the few beers I may have had during golf that added to my enthusiasm. Either way, I'm thrilled that this happened. Also, please notice my "tan" because this is pretty dang good for me. 

On another note, the golf was good as usual. Those few beers I mentioned earlier also told me it was a good idea to practice our yoga skills between holes. Who knew that a golf tee box would make the best natural yoga mat? Well, we do, now. 

Our form could use some improvement, but we're working on that. Have a great rest of your weekend; show your dad some love!