a few weeks in la la land

So, what do you do when your significant other goes to China for two weeks? Well, I did this:

But don't take that the wrong way. I wasn't drinking wine and attempting to paint my emotions or anything. I actually used to paint all the time, and this just finally gave me some time to tap back into that. (The wine was just an added plus).

Also, I spent two hours in a pet store trying to convince myself not to buy this cuddly guy...

I know, I know, I never should have gone into a pet store alone. I realized that I had to pay rent soon, and therefore couldn't actually purchase the dog (let alone his food or toys or house or anything that he would have needed). I feel as though I made a responsible decision, but I'll be back once I have adult living situations and adult money saved up to do so. Aka check back in ten years.