weekend nostalgia.

I'm starting off with a pretty bad habit of waiting until Monday morning at the crack of dawn to make these posts. It seems to make me awfully nostalgic of my beautiful weekends... 

First of all, I'd like to introduce you to my golf team. Don't let the selfie fool you, we are pretty serious about the game. We had a practice round on Saturday because we have our first tournament coming up in a few weeks. I've never played in a golf tournament (and never thought I would for that matter), but I'm pretty sure that the team will exceed everyone's (low) expectations with the help of a little fireball. Also, just wait until you see our uniforms! That was my job, obviously. 

We hit up our favorite bar with off-site dog track betting after the golf adventure where I devoured a plate of nachos much too big for body. So that's when I decided it was officially a great weekend. I like to think that I'm pretty easy to please, but Dave may tell you otherwise... 

Then to top it all off Dave took me to an exciting restaurant for Sunday lunch, probably just to blow my mind a little. If you haven't tried Santos Lucha Libre in Phoenix, you need to. Probably today. The food was awesome, but the atmosphere is even better. Who doesn't want to eat their lunch next to weird boxing pictures and fake mannequins? 

Dave leaves for China on Saturday, so be prepared for a book review or two. Or maybe a few nail salon pics? Livin' life on the edge, let me tell ya. 

Don't worry - only four more mornings until our weekend is back in action!