That's a wrap.

It officially feels like summer is over now that my trip to Austin has come and gone. 

I was really excited for the conference for two reasons: the idea of exploring so much more in the world of design and the chance to explore a city that is so highly talked about. Meeting people who are excited about what they're doing for their companies, or for their own ventures, was super cool. It makes me realize so how large, but yet, at the same time, how small, the design community really is. In regards to Austin, I wish I would have had time to see more areas. I stayed mostly in the downtown area where the hotel and conference was being held. Dave and I ventured south on the last night for some top notch BBQ and to see way too many bats fly out of a bridge, but that was the extent of my exploration. 

Overall, it was an amazing opportunity and I am so grateful that I was able to spend time in Austin for the conference. 

Next up for me, designing and sewing my own swimsuit. I had a fight with the sewing machine as I started tonight, so hopefully we will be on speaking terms again tomorrow. :)