Is this what everyone does on their Saturday nights?

My guess is probably not. 

So, the pallet couch is almost done. As in, I think it's done, and Dave thinks it's "close." Tomato, tomoto. Luckily, it will be done in time for the cooler weather (no matter who's perspective you take).

On another note, school has officially started. Only this year it started for what seems to be everyone else and not for me. As some recent grads might be celebrating this point, I can't help but miss the late August buzz. I have the sudden urge to go buy a brand-spankin-new box of Crayola (broad lined and assorted color) makers. And no, I haven't actually "needed" to purchase those since fifth grade, but it's a desire that never seems to die for me. 

I guess that you have to cross one bridge to get to the next. That's what school is for me at this point. It was simply a means to get me to where I am today. I don't know if I'll use my education for exactly what I had planned, or find myself back for something new. Either way, I'm grateful that my days of crayon and marker purchasing led me to a place that has made me open to so many new possibilities.