Rogue's first swim

Caution: this is an overly dramatic post about my dog's first swim. You've been warned.  

We tried to get Rogue in the water when we first got her last summer (it was actually the day we brought her home). Needless to say, she wasn't feeling it. But we've been planning our next attempt ever since. So, yesterday we took for her for a hike in the morning and then Dave took her for another run in the afternoon. She could barely walk back into the house. Everything was falling into place. 

That's when we made our move. 

With a few treats and a little coaxing, she was on the first stair. She decided that laying on the first stair was enough and we were willing to settle with that. Then one of the rafts floated by, and who would have guessed, she's a raft dog! She jumped right on and had no problem floating with me the rest of the afternoon. 

As you may be able to guess, our afternoon ended rather abruptly with a deflated raft. Turns out that Rogue is not a fan of rafts when they don't have any air.